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New Books

Tessa Bailey - The Au Pair Affair

The Au Pair Affair

Tessa Bailey

Marc Cameron - Bad River

Bad River

Marc Cameron

Linda Castillo - The Burning

The Burning

Linda Castillo

Colleen Coble - What We Hide

What We Hide

Colleen Coble

Catherine Coulter - Flashpoint


Catherine Coulter

Jamie Day - One Big Happy Family

One Big Happy Family

Jamie Day

Brian Freeman - The Bourne Shadow

The Bourne Shadow

Brian Freeman

Lisa Jewell - Breaking The Dark

Breaking The Dark

Lisa Jewell

Ethan Joella - The Same Bright Stars

The Same Bright Stars

Ethan Joella

Shari Lapena - What Have You Done?

What Have You Done?

Shari Lapena

Donna Leon - A Refiner's Fire

A Refiner's Fire

Donna Leon

Kimberly McCreight - Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Kimberly McCreight

James Patterson - Confessions of the Dead

Confessions of the Dead

James Patterson / J.D. Barker

James Patterson - Hard To Kill

Hard To Kill

James Patterson / Mike Lupica

James Patterson - Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, Tiger

James Patterson

Catherine Steadman - Look In The Mirror

Look In The Mirror

Catherine Steadman